Perafita Council offers you 7 audio guides for your simple strolls and excursions to discover the surroundings of Perafita and to explore part of the large network of rural tracks and paths that lead to farmhouses, springs and the neighbouring villages.

They are conceived for walks with family and friends and for enjoying nature while discovering the environment peacefully and safely and doing such a healthy sport as walking, provided we arrange the activity in line with our ability. There are longer routes, like those that lead to neighbouring districts, where in the end you will need a support vehicle if you do not want to walk back, and other shorter and easier routes such as a tourist route to see the village of Perafita and its nearest surroundings, or those that lead to the Ermita del Remei Hermitage (under one km away, at the beginning of the Camí de Sta. Eulàlia de Puig-oriol), or that of Santa Margarida de Vilaltella, not much over 2 km away and a slightly steeper, but relatively easy, walk.

We therefore suggest a way for you to see the surroundings at your own pace!

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Lluçà cheese works

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