At the heart of the Lluçanès region and surrounded by forests and fields, the village of Perafita is ideal for enjoying the mountain scenery and the warm character of the people. Its rural origins, visible in every street and on every corner of the village, make good travelling companions of tranquillity and peace in this place, which are also complemented by the unique scenery: in the foreground the coolness of the trees (oaks, pines, beech trees, etc.) and beyond this the mountains, which fade into the distance and the heights towards the Pedraforca, the Cadí Moixeró or the mighty Puigmal.

On a clear day and from the top of the village, we also have beautiful views of the Montserrat and Montseny mountain ranges.

In the old quarter, the stone houses bear witness to the past; we highlight the church of Sant Pere and the castle, a Romanesque construction probably built at the end of the nineteenth century.

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Churches and Sanctuaries

In the Lluçanès region, we have a wide range of Romanesque constructions of great artistic interest both for expert researchers and enthusiastic visitors seeking to discover a little more of the history of our country while enjoying peaceful countryside full of memories.


In the Lluçanès, there are still active tile makers, basket makers and traditional carpenters and blacksmiths, although there are now fewer and fewer. Meanwhile, new proposals appear to recover old trades and give them a new air: the Association of Craftsmen of the Lluçanès brings together glass decorators, sculptors working with wood and papier maché, ceramists, and even a luthier.

The offer of varied products, many made in the region itself, and the personal treatment offered by the traders are some of the important factors that bring confidence to the storekeepers of our villages.

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The Lluçanès offers find from the most austere of home-made cuisine to the sophistication of the most elaborate and modern. La Fonda Sala has a Michelin star.

What they all have in common is the use of the products of the land: lamb, pork, goat, rabbit, duck and chicken are offered on the table, all cooked with the simplicity of country life. Truffles, wild mushrooms and herbs give their final exotic touch to the pots. A long evening at the table has to be finished off with bread and cakes from Perafita all cooked in a wood oven.

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Vic market

The traditional the weekly market in the city of Vic has made this one of the main images that visitors can expect to find. Every Tuesday and Saturday, you will find them in Vic main square. Other well-known markets include the Mediaeval Market and the Mercat del Ram.

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Natural sites

Just 45 min away...

Vall de Sau - Collsacabra, Vall de Núria, Parc Natural de la Garrotxa.

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