Recorreguts eqüestres

The Catalan Equestrian Federation has approved the first equestrian routes in Catalonia in the Lluçanès. These are two different routes, both with departure and arrival points in Prats de Lluçanès:

. RE-01 Medieval roads

. RE-02 Land of witches and bandits.

The routes enter the rural landscape of Lluçanès and run along ancient transhumance paths, long-distance paths and ancient medieval paths, surrounded by forests, streams, fields and farmhouses and making stops in beautiful villages.

The two tours are circular, designed to be done by saddle horse for one day each, and the paths and infrastructure are designed to receive small and large groups. Due to the mild conditions, without extreme weather, Lluçanès equestrian tours can be done all year round. In addition, the degree of difficulty allows them to be suitable for any level and age.




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Recorreguts eqüestres

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