PACK Abadal

The Abadal pack includes:

Stay in accommodation for 2 nights + guided tour of the Abadal – Pla de Bages winery with tasting (90 min), choosing between Saturday or Sunday morning 

See the Abadal Vineyards

Abadal, rich in essences and traditions, offers range of tones to enrich the experience and enjoyment for lovers of wine.
The footprint of tradition and authenticity take us to the heart of the Bages region, where time stops in a sea of vineyards and makes Abadal a visit not to be missed.

In the Wine Tourism department, we offer different activities related to wine and its surroundings: tasting courses, discussed tastings, visits to the winery, outings to the vineyards and in the forest, wine shop, etc. and we work to make family celebrations and company events unique acts full of personality.

We appreciate the essence of the little things. If you like wine and its history, you will enjoy this visit!

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