Soler de n'Hug

Visit in El Soler de n'Hug

Soler de n'Hug is a farmhouse in Prats de Lluçanès where agricultural and livestock activities have been carried out for decades. The 'El Taulell' butcher shop, located in Prats de Lluçanès, is where the meat and milk products produced on the family farm are sold, thus trying to close the circle.

"We produce cow's milk, lamb, calf and pork. We also make different types of sausages. We also grow formento wheat."

"The animals are born and raised on the same farm with the maximum amount of products produced on the farm itself, thus ensuring that the meat and milk we offer is of the highest quality."

They bet on family and proximity circles!

At 'El Soler de n'Hug' and 'El Encimera, we offer you products without filters, from the ground to the plate.'

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Soler de n'Hug

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